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Queer Forms

How 1970s feminist and queer artists reinvented American popular culture and paved the way for today's gender and sexual revolution.

"This is the book I have been waiting for: fearless, brilliant, and filled with love for feminist and queer cultural forms. Ramzi Fawaz assembles and mines a rich and moving archive of feminist and queer cultural forms that have given us tools to practice intimacy, radical vulnerability, friendship, and worldmaking."


~Jennifer C. Nash, author of Birthing Black Mothers

"An invigorating work of queer feminist political theory and imagination. Defying the received demand that instances of nonnormative gender identity remain fluid and formless, Ramzi Fawaz dares to present subversive examples of gender and sexual outlaws whose actions track an unfinished project of freedom."


~Linda Zerilli, author of A Democratic Theory of Judgement

New Mutants Final Cover.jpg

The New Mutants

How mutants, freaks, monsters, and aliens became America's greatest superheroes, giving the outsiders among us hope for a more democratic future.

"I have never encountered anyone who has addressed himself to superheroes with Ramzi Fawaz's generosity of spirit and unsatisfiable critical fervor. In this book, the likes of Superman, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Silver Surfer share a common terrain of both history and imagination. All sorts of people will bring a long-nurtured, even fetishized familiarity to Fawaz's pages, and it won't survive--the most familiar stories are, here, radically, thrillingly new."


~Greil Marcus, author of Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock 'n' Roll Music

"A powerhouse one-of-a-kind book! By charting the radical transformations of the comic book superhero in the post-war period, Fawaz brings to light the extraordinary secret history of American Otherness. Truly fantastic."


~Junot Díaz, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao


Keywords for Comics Studies

Across more than fifty original essays, provides a rich vocabulary for comics and sequential art while identifying new avenues of research into one of the most popular and diverse visual media of the last century.

"Keywords for Comics Studies is the book this field needs right now, featuring its heavy hitters explaining—as well as debating—the complex and conceptual underpinnings of comics today. Savvy, fresh, inclusive, and often brilliant, it’s an essential text." 


~Hillary Chute, author of Why Comics? From Underground to Everywhere


Queer About Comics

Special Issue of American Literature highlighting innovative scholarship at the intersection of queer theory and comics studies. 

Co-edited with
Darieck Scott

Queers Read This

Special Issue of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies exploring the scope and impact of contemporary LGBTQ+ Literature. 

Co-edited with
Shanté Paradigm Smalls

Awards & Reviews

The New Mutants


Winner of the 2017 ASAP Book Prize from the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present.


Winner of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies First Book Prize.


Finalist Mention for the Lora Romero First Book Prize of the American Studies Association.




Rebecca Wanzo, “Marvel’s Trouble With Normal,” LA Review of Books, April 12, 2016.

Stephanie Burt, “Join the Mutant Resistance!” Public BooksJanuary 23, 2017.

Keywords for Comics Studies


2022 Choice Outstanding Academic Title from the Library Association of America.

“Queer About Comics,” Special Issue of American Literature 


Winner of the 2018 Best Special Issue of the Year Award from the Council of Editors of Learned Journals.

Photo Credit: Bryce Richter, 2022

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